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Needs - Based Trust Company Matching

Many trust companies specialize in handling certain types of issues. Some focus and excel on administering personal trusts, while others focus and excel more on administering corporate trusts. Some have developed a specialty in dealing with real estate and other hard-to-value assets, while others focus mainly on marketable securities.

It is not unusual for one of our clients to need multiple trust companies, as we align our client's needs with the trust company that excels in meeting that need.

At present, through Fidelity's Trustee Match, our clients have access to the following trust companies that can serve as full corporate trustee, administrative trustee only, agent for trustee, and/or simply be used for trust reporting.

Colonial Trust Company
Comerica Bank & Trust, N.A.
Midwest Trust

Premier Trust
RBC Trust Company (Delaware) Limited
Reliance Trust

The Trustee Match Program (“the Program”) is provided without charge as a convenience to clients of Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC (“FBS”) and/or its broker-dealer National Financial Services LLC (“NFS”), collectively “Fidelity.” In no event shall Fidelity providing the names of one or more trust companies constitute an endorsement, recommendation, or opinion as to the quality or appropriateness of the trust company or its related services. Except for Fidelity Personal Trust Company, FSB, the trust companies listed here are not affiliated with or agents of any Fidelity company. You must conduct the evaluation and due diligence you deem necessary to determine whether a trust company and any related trustee services are suitable for your clients’ needs. You are under no obligation to contact or engage any trust company.

In connection with their participation in the Program, each trust company may pay a referral fee for each account custodied at Fidelity in which the trust company acts as trustee.

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