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We are able to engage with families in a variety of ways.  The most prevalent way is for a family to hire us as their financial advisor.  For this comprehensive and ongoing service there is a flat cost, incurred quarterly. 

Sometimes, though, a family already has a long-standing advisory relationship and just wants a qualified second opinion for peace of mind that they are on the right track.  We are able to provide this second opinion in several key areas:

Financial Planning
Analysis of Current Investment Costs
Analysis of Current Asset Allocation
Investment Consulting on Current Portfolio
Transition Readiness Analysis (this is done in collaboration with the family's attorney and CPA)

Additionally, we are able to build out, and provide ongoing maintenance to, a secure cloud-based portal for a family's most important documents.  The ability to access documents from anywhere in the world while maintaining safety-deposit-box-like security is a must for today's global family.

Costs of engagement for the above services vary.  Please contact us for a complete list.

Financial Planning - It All Begins Here

Financial Planning - It All Begins Here

Initial Comprehensive Financial Plan

  • Continuous Updating of the Plan
  • Ongoing Advice and Guidance

Income Tax Planning (in collaboration with your CPA)

Estate Transfer Planning (in collaboration with your attorney)

  • Discussion on the Do's and Don'ts of Trusts

Philanthropic Development and Implementation

Asset Protection & Bloodline Protection Planning for Parents and Children

  • Discussion on the merits and drawbacks of Family Limited Partnerships

Family Governance Development

Long-Term Care Planning

Investments - A Non-Exhaustive List

Investments - A Non-Exhaustive List

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) & Bonds (Treasury, Corporate, Municipal)

Common Stock (Both US and International) & Preferred Stock

ETFs and Mutual Funds

  • Investment Structure Discussion (active/passive)

Separately Managed Accounts

  • Investment Manager Search & Selection
  • Investment Manager Evaluation & Measurement

Variable Annuities

529 Plans

Options (covered call writing, hedging, etc.)

Includes ongoing oversight and evaluation of investments and investment managers. Tactical adjustment and re-balancing of asset allocation is also included

Family Dynamics and Meetings

Family Dynamics and Meetings

Family Meetings - Where the Business of Family Happens

  • Communicating the Plan with the Family
  • Preparing Heirs to Lead
  • Empowering Mom

Family Governance Planning

Family Wealth Education

Insurance - Sometimes It Actually Is Necessary

Insurance - Sometimes It Actually Is Necessary

Life Insurance

  • To Provide a Death Benefit for Survivors
  • For a Company to use in a Buy-Sell Arrangement
  • For a Family to Use in Estate Planning
  • For Retirement Income

Long-Term-Care Insurance

  • Monthly premium policies
  • One-time pay, refundable premium policies

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