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We are able to engage with families in a variety of ways.  The most prevalent way is for a family to hire us as their financial advisor.  For this comprehensive and ongoing service there is a flat cost, incurred quarterly. 

Sometimes, though, a family already has a long-standing advisory relationship and just wants a qualified second opinion for peace of mind that they are on the right track.  We are able to provide this second opinion in several key areas:

  • Financial Planning
  • Analysis of Current Investment Costs
  • Analysis of Current Asset Allocation
  • Investment Consulting on Current Portfolio
  • Transition Readiness Analysis (this is done in collaboration with the family's attorney and CPA)

Additionally, we are able to build out, and provide ongoing maintenance to, a secure cloud-based portal for a family's most important documents.  The ability to access documents from anywhere in the world while maintaining safety-deposit-box-like security is a must for today's global family.

Costs of engagement for the above services vary.  Please contact us for a complete list.

We Are Able to Assist in the Following Areas:

Financial Planning - It All Begins Here

Financial Planning - It All Begins Here

  • Initial Comprehensive Financial Plan
    • Continuous Updating of the Plan
    • Ongoing Advice and Guidance
  • Income Tax Planning (in collaboration with your CPA)
  • Estate Transfer Planning (in collaboration with your attorney)
    • Discussion on the Do's and Don'ts of Trusts
  • Philanthropic Development and Implementation
  • Asset Protection & Bloodline Protection Planning for Parents and Children
    • Discussion on the merits and drawbacks of Family Limited Partnerships
  • Family Governance Development
  • Non-Liquid Asset Management Guidance
    • Real Property, etc.
  • Long-Term Care Planning

For a non-exhaustive list of planning items to consider, please click here Planning Issues Beyond the Estate Tax

Investments - A Non-Exhaustive List

Investments - A Non-Exhaustive List

  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  • Bonds (Treasury, Corporate, Municipal)
  • Common Stock (Both US and International)
  • Preferred Stock
  • ETFs and Mutual Funds
    • Investment Structure Discussion (active/passive)
  • Traditional and ROTH IRAs
  • Separately Managed Accounts
    • Investment Manager Search & Selection
    • Investment Manager Evaluation & Measurement
  • Variable Annuities
  • 529 Plans
  • Options (covered call writing, hedging, etc.)

Includes ongoing oversight and evaluation of investments and investment managers.  Tactical adjustment and re-balancing of asset allocation is also included. 

Family Dynamics and Meetings

Family Dynamics and Meetings

  • Family Meetings - Where the Business of Family Happens
    • Communicating the Plan with the Family
    • Preparing Heirs to Lead
    • Empowering Mom
  • Family Governance Planning
  • Family Wealth Education
Insurance - Sometimes It Actually Is Necessary

Insurance - Sometimes It Actually Is Necessary

  • Life Insurance
    • To Provide a Death Benefit for Survivors
    • For a Company to use in a Buy-Sell Arrangement
    • For a Family to Use in Estate Planning
    • For Retirement Income
  • Long-Term-Care Insurance
    • Monthly premium policies
    • One-time pay, refundable premium policies

For our thoughts on security and privacy issues please click here Security and Privacy.

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