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At Foundational Wealth Advisory, we’ve accomplished much for clients simply by adhering to one of our core principles: deliver wealth management in an “uncomplicatedly simple” way.

One way we keep things uncomplicatedly simple is by putting ourselves in our client’s shoes.  We realize that clients usually do not work in our industry, and yet our industry’s lingo and terminology are often forced upon the client. For instance, “wealth management” can mean different things to different people. When Eric viewed this term from a client’s point of view, he could easily see how complicated our own comprehensive suite of services might appear to them. There are just so many moving parts beyond the core of investment management, including tax strategies (with the coordination of the family’s CPA), estate planning (with the coordination of the family’s attorney), insurance (with the coordination of the family’s insurance professional), philanthropic plan design and implementation, guidance on family governance structures, liquidity events (sale of business, etc.), and of course the overriding need to make sure that spouses, children, and even grandchildren are cared for and informed.  And that is just for starters.

The primary advantage for a large, complex family of means in considering FWA is that there is only one entity (FWA) that owns the problem and takes responsibility for the various relationships. A second advantage is that it can save the family money. For instance, we have found that by having a comprehensive tax plan in place, we were able to save our clients dollars in taxes. This tax plan takes time, skill, and effort to construct, bringing in the appropriate legal and tax counsel to make recommendations and draft the documents.

FWA is committed to help educate the non-financial spouse, as well, to ensure he/she understands the machinations of the various plans we help the family develop (financial, tax, philanthropic) so that if/when the time comes for that spouse to manage everything by themselves, they are better prepared to do so. 

Lastly, and with the parent’s permission, we work with the next generation(s), educating children and grandchildren with regards to the family’s goals and strategies. Most often, we don’t discuss dollar amounts as much as we discuss how things are intended to work and flow.  We have found these educational sessions can head off future family conflict which sometimes surface as heirs are informed of their inheritance (or lack thereof) by an attorney after the funeral.

Going forward, we are continuing to do what we do best, which is provide objective, innovative, and customized solutions, in clear terms, to help provide our client families with greater control of their lives.

We invite you to discover how Foundational Wealth Advisory can enhance how wealth management is delivered to your family.