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12 Feb
12 Ways to Ensure Heartache in Your Family...and Thoughts on How to Avoid Them


At times, we are called upon to help families take advantage of opportunities that their affluence/wealth provides, such as preparing the next generation to receive their inheritance or developing a comprehensive philanthropic plan.  Other times, and these are more prevalent, we are asked to help address problems that weigh heavily on the family.  These problems can result from a single bad action or from decades of unhealthy behaviors.  They are rarely caused by malice or intentional ill will (in my opinion); more often, we see bad outcomes emerge from the best of intentions.  Many families just don't have the big-picture view to see how small, seemingly rational choices can lead to disappointment, damaged relationships, lack of fulfillment, or any number of negative outcomes that leave family members with aching hearts.  This Talk is an open and frank discussion of a dozen such ways we've seen families experience and provide our thoughts on how to avoid them.

Date and Time

Wed, Feb 12, 2020

6:00p - 8:00p EST


David's Restaurant - The Wine Room

802 Ash Street
Fernandina Beach , FL 32034
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