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Foundational Wealth Advisory

Foundational Wealth Advisory

Managing Director


Knowledge is power, but, too often, lack of time (or patience) robs us of using that power to effectively make intelligent, well-considered decisions. When you lead a family, and are responsible for its outcome, sound decisions are vital in helping you pursue your goals and avoid costly mistakes that can affect your family's future.

For the better part of 25 years, my team has been helping families along the eastern seaboard make better decisions by giving them back the time they so desperately need.  By collaborating with the family and it's other advisors on an ongoing basis, we are able to keep the family's decision makers informed of worthy/beneficial ideas while weeding out fluff and clever marketing gimmicks.  We are planning-oriented and goals-based, with a focus on educating the next generation.  We partner with families for generations to come.

                          Eric S. Wilson