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Enhancing Outcomes for Families and their Advisors

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The Trusted Advisor

The concept of a trusted advisor committed to serving the needs and interests of a group of families can be traced back through the centuries.  A noble position, this trusted advisor would act as the family's financial office, collaborating with a key family member to provide integrated, tailored solutions for the family's capital, while promoting and preserving the identity and values of the family as a whole.

Foundational Wealth Advisory (FWA) was established to fill this essential, yet under-recognized, role by providing discerning families with sophisticated, understandable advice across and between generations.  Likewise, FWA seeks to be a strong force of continuity, reinforcing family legacy across generations for client families.  And finally, FWA has updated this role by being purposefully inclusive of both spouses, rather than relying on one key family member.

We understand the ongoing challenges today's family faces in dealing with an array of attorneys, accountants, insurers, etc across a plethora of legal and/or corporate structures.  Managing, coordinating, and integrating these complex relationships for the benefit of the family is not easy and often times is overwhelming.  We can help.

We have more than two decades of experience collaborating with the family's other key advisors to ensure that all the various advisory elements are consistently presented and delivered in a clear, concise manner and are in the best interest of the family. 

Why We Focus Exclusively on Serving Families

We understand that today's family faces challenges to the long-term cohesiveness of the family itself:

- Technology has both enhanced and disrupted the communication the family has between its generations;

- Increased affluence has made it more difficult for the family to come together, as lifestyle keeps the different generations moving in different directions;

- "Real" conversations about money, heritage, and values have taken a backseat to entertainment and gift-giving.

- Families spend tremendous amounts of time and money crafting detailed estate plans, but virtually no time preparing the heirs to receive their inheritance.

- The time gap between the death of the first spouse and the second is sometimes significant and can lead to further complexity in the family's long-term planning.  Even more so, if the surviving spouse re-marries, the clear delineation of assets and family goals can get muddled.

Whether a family is first generation affluent, or has continued to build upon the wealth entrusted to it, protecting and preserving the family's heritage and values is just as important to our clients as managing the family's assets. 

Part of What We Do - Investment Counsel / Fiduciary

The economic environment will  always present many new and unique challenges. But along with these challenges come opportunities and potential rewards.

We can assist you in better understanding where certain investment ideas could help, or hinder, your short- and long-term investment goals.  You will no doubt have a big "wish list" that we can help you reality test within the context of your tolerance for risk.

We strive to bring clarity to what life might look like for you beyond work.

Purposeful and Continuous Legacy

Imagine an advisor serving the patriarch and matriarch of the family in the mid-1980s, seeing the challenges conquered and values birthed in the first generation of the family wealth.

That same advisor helps facilitate the transfer of wealth to the second generation, witnessing mistakes made, old values melding with new ones, and capabilities developing. 

As the third generation grows into adulthood, that advisor represents continuity that bridges across generations.  That is Foundational Wealth.

We've helped parents plan for their children...and we've helped those same children plan for their parents. We're there for the entire journey.

We Work With Excellence

We believe that the pursuit of excellent honors God and inspires others.  To that end, delivering client service that consistently exceeds expectations is Foundational to our firm's mission.  In fact, our high staff-to-client ratio not only allows us to provide prompt, exceptional care, our close, personal relationships also allow us to anticipate client needs, thus helping our clients be more efficient with their own time.

As a fiduciary, we have a regulatory and ethical obligation above all else to serve our clients' interests.  Our goals are aligned with those of our clients.

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